EarthSpirit Voices Podcast

What does it mean to be pagan today?

Sam Arthen-Long speaks with members of the EarthSpirit Community about their Earth-centered practices and how they contribute to building modern pagan culture.

Episodes are released bi-weekly.

Martin Bridge on Art and Animism EarthSpirit Voices Podcast

A conversation with Martin Bridge about integrating spirituality and art. At the break, Talia Lefton speaks about the EarthSpirit Art Salon. Martin’s Website Talia’s Website Artwork Referenced in order:   Trametes Versicolor Gaurdian Mask Spider Fetish Of Luna   Music by Sam Arthen-Long Recorded and Produced at Singing Land Studio Learn more about the EarthSpirit Community
  1. Martin Bridge on Art and Animism
  2. Kaye and Walter Kittredge on Connecting with the Land Where You Live
  3. Ritual Creation and Chant with Deirdre Pulgram Arthen
  4. Orion Foxwood on Folk Magic and Faery Seership
  5. Irene Glasse on Her Spiritual Path and Kindred Crow
  6. Kirok Clemeno on Food and Paganism
  7. Jimi Two Feathers on Racism and Diversity in Modern Paganism
  8. Deirdre Pulgram Arthen on Rites of Spring
  9. Moira Ashleigh on Guising and Ritual
  10. Martin Bridge on Artful Living

Sam Arthen-Long is an animist, environmentalist, songwriter, musician, and producer and owner of the recording studio Singing Land Studio in Western Massachusetts. In college, he met Donovan Arthen and was introduced to the EarthSpirit Community and his future wife, Isobel. Sam attended his first event in 2012 and has volunteered at many of EarthSpirit’s gatherings since.

At events Sam can be found behind the sound booth at performances and talks and during the Covid-19 pandemic he works behind the scenes to create recorded chants that combine voices from distant members quarantining at home. As a performer he’s hosted bardic circles and has shared original songs at Rites of Spring and Feast of Lights either with Isobel or with his group Honey and the Sting.

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